Scanning for the MOA AWWU

AWWU – King Street Archives Building Expansion

BELL recently completed a surveying support project for the expansion of the Municipality of Anchorage (AWWU) Archive Building located on E 94th Court Anchorage, Alaska. Our team lead the effort for design surveying, construction staking and as-built. We also provided additional services as requested: civil engineering (existing site/demolition plan, civil site plan, grading, drainage, AG-21, erosion control, and construction details), mechanical design, and our 3D laser scanning capabilities. By scanning the whole building, inside and out, we were able to create a “Google Street View” of the project building and location. This was an accelerated schedule and was completed 60 days from NTP.

Surveying the Dena'ina Center

Indoor Geodetic Surveys

In March, BELL was contracted out by LocationSmart, a firm in Southern California specializing in location technologies spanning indoor and outdoor use for any device. They have tested the accuracy of cell phone 9-1-1 calls all over California, and this year they made their way up North. Our Anchorage crew conducted indoor geodetic surveys of 15 different buildings in and around the Anchorage Bowl. This project consisted of determining the precise coordinates and elevation of selected test locations within buildings identified by LocationSmart. LocationSmart set up bases of eight different cell phones and called 9-1-1 simultaneously while we tested points. The cell phones reached a controlled, automated number specifically designed to conduct these experiments. The crew successfully collected and verified points from the following buildings:

  1. Loussac Library
  2. Eagle River Rent-A-Can
  3. Chugiak Wonderland Emporium
  4. Hotel Captain Cook
  5. BELL & Associates Office Building
  6. Fairview Recreation Center
  7. Anchorage Senior Center
  8. Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center
  9. Three Bears Alaska
  10. Anchorage Museum
  11. Native Village of Eklutna
  12. Alaska Center for the Performing Arts
  13. Anchorage City Hall
  14. Alaska Airlines Center
  15. Towne Place Suites by Marriot

Kenai Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center

In 2014 BELL was hired by an architectural firm to 3D laser scan the interior of the newly constructed Exhibit Hall at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center located in Soldotna, Alaska. There had been some changes in the design during construction so the client requested BELL to scan the interior of the newly constructed space in order to capture the changes and including the HVAC routing so that they could make sure the proposed exhibit would still fit in the space. Bell provided the client with laser scan data and dimensioning of some critical areas.

Mechanical Design for Assistant Living Home Alaska

Soboleff McRae Veterans Village

Design of this 21,552 SF 2 story facility (with 11 residential units on the second floor) included electric water heater electric heat convectors, PEX plumbing for potable water, bathroom & kitchen exhaust fans, and natural ventilation for the residential units and mechanical ventilation with electric heat convectors for the first floor that is waiting on tenant improvements.  Design also include public spaces, central laundry room, and mechanical spaces.

BELL Mechanical Design on Museum in Southeast Alaska

Sheldon Museum & Cultural Center

Design for this approximately 13,000 SF museum and cultural heritage center included a complete HVAC system to include tight humidity and temperature control, as well as four staged biomass boilers with a back up fuel oil boiler located in a separate boiler building.  The new boiler system, also serves an existing facility on the project site.  Design also included all required plumbing.  This facility includes display areas, archive room, office space, loading/unloading area, and a meeting/craft area.

BELL mechanical design of a aircraft hanger

Deadhorse Aviation Center

The project consisting of a 67,000-square foot facility on Alaska’s North Slope that included a 20,000-square foot aircraft hangar, 47,000 square feet of offices, 24 individual living quarters, a full commercial kitchen, and cargo handling facilities.  This facility also includes a medical facility and indoor ambulance storage.  The design allowed for: 65,000 gallons of fire water storage; hydronic heating systems; constant volume ventilation systems; in-floor radiant heat for living areas and offices; and, snow melt for entries, the hangar door, and all overhead doors.  Since the facility is located in an area with no water distribution, domestic water storage and on-site waste disposal were also provided; these two systems require special design considerations to provide domestic water at the proper pressure, they also provide lift stations to remove the waste from various areas throughout the facility.

Anchorage Wildlife Conservation Center

Anchorage Wildlife Conservation Center

We have been involved in most of the new additions including the AWCC Master Plan. In 2015 BELL used laser scanning to provide an as-built and quantities for a redesign of the Caribou Exhibit and surrounding infrastructure. BELL provided the client with the quantity and contouring for a large (6,000 cubic yard) mound that was constructed within the exhibit. BELL also provided the client with existing and final design grading plans and provided support to the client to get the necessary permitting require to complete the project.


Sitzmark Bar & Grill

Location: Girdwood, Alaska

In 2012 BELL provided laser scanning services to Z-Architects to scan the inside of the Sitzmark Bar Grill located in Girdwood, Alaska. This purpose of this project was accurately dimension the ceiling area for placement of sound panels. The main issues were that the ceiling was high (accessible by scaffolding only), irregularly shaped, and had various lighting and piping hanging from it. The dimensions and conflicts of the various sections were identified using the laser scan data allowing the panels to be pre-fabricated so that the scaffolding only had to be erected for installation, thereby minimizing the disturbance to the restaurant.

BELL engineering and survey Gallo Center

Gallo Center

Location: Anchorage

The project involved developing a 3.63 acre parcel for the construction of a 47,161 s.f. multi-use commercial building with parking lot. The building phase consisted of retail suites and mechanical room on the first floor and two offices on the second floor. BELL provided topographic and as-built survey, civil engineering design, permitting and construction assistance. Engineering design drawings were prepared to meet current Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) standards and design criteria. BELL prepared the civil site plan, grading and drainage plan, erosion control plan, and design of utility service lines and storm water system. Type 3 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) was also prepared for this project.

Gathering Center 1 (GC1) Wet Gas Project

Location: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

In 2015 BELL provided 3D scanning services for 19 complete modules and the associated exterior interconnected piping located at the GC1 facility. This effort was completed to help BP engineers in the projects initial planning phase as well as their sub-contractors in the final design phase. The goal of this project was to have a completed design in place before the next facility turnaround (TAR) to remove and replace the wet-gas piping throughout the facility. BELL laser scanned all the modules associated with project, tied all of the gathered laser scan data to the local plant control network and provided a complete ACAD model of all of the elements within each module including, but not limited to; structural steel, piping down to ½” diameter, electrical boxes and conduit runs, HVAC, instrumentation, and architectural features sertraline anxiety.